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Models Evolution

Evolution S:
the allrounder
for the sporty

Evolution C:
the allrounder
for the comfortable



high-speed and athletic
skiing in all types of
snow conditions

off piste skiing, deep powder
snow and unprepared routes

convenient sliding and
sweeping turns on the piste
at a moderate speed

Touring Inner Boot:

Strolz Touring Inner Boot -> flexzone | felt sole | laced | suited for traditional shells

3 way Buckle-system:

Twisting adjustment: 1×1 cm adjustable (1)
Makro Ratchet: 2-5 x 8mm adjustable (2)
Micro Ratchet: 5 x 1mm adjustable (3)


adjustable thermoplastic material allows customizing the shell with
bootstrap stretchers. It ensures a perfect fit for each foot.

Custom made

Curiosity is Good Business Practice.

When you come for your Strolz ski boot measurement appointment, the Strolz consultant will ask you many questions before he even looks at your feet. He will want to know how often you go skiing for example, and which slopes or terrain you prefer. Perhaps even in which group you ski, if and when yes, which other sports you do, etc. But please don’t take it wrongly, it is not meant to be indiscrete, but an important part of the consultant’s expertise. Because all skiers and all ski boots are not created equal. The whole emphasis on individualisation would make no sense if
you end up on the slopes with the wrong model. In other words, with a Freeriding model instead of a Cruising boot or vice versa.

You need a ski boot that is as individual as your foot, your skills and your style: no prefabricated product, to which you have to adjust, but a custom-fit for your leg so that you can enjoy better, safer and more comfortable skiing. Incidentally: all our employees and contract dealers receive regular training through in-house seminars, bringing them up to date with the latest technology, season after season.

Strolz ski boots: Customised production in one day. Customised production within a few hours? A well-trained and experienced team, system components with minute attention to detail and state-of-the-art technology make it possible.

First Measurement.

In order to build the last for your boot, with which the outer shell can then be stretched for a perfect fit, your foot must be exactly measured beforehand. At first the Strolz professionals hand-measure your instep, forefoot and calve. Then your foot is scanned or a pressure plate measurement is taken. The data is needed to manufacture the perfect last for your foot and to determine whether an orthopaedic insole must be made or how your foot bed can be made to fit as perfectly and comfortably as possible.

True-to-Size to the Millimetre.

The measurement data of your foot is now needed to build your individual wooden last, an exact three-dimensional replica of the shape of your foot. When the last is ready, the ski boot shell is warmed, the last inserted and the shell shaped to fit your foot perfectly. A layer of cork on the last represents the anatomy of your foot. Although this production step determines the rough fit (the micro-adjustment takes place when the foam is injected), it still requires the highest precision and professional skill.

Solid Shell, Soft Core.

Further steps in the individualisation process to a perfect fit: at first pads are attached to your foot in the appropriate areas to allow for more room in the pressure-sensitive areas of your foot. When everything is in place, the foot is placed in the shell and the foam is injected into the boot liner. A chemical reaction causes the foam to expand and to mould itself perfectly around the anatomy of your foot. Ten minutes later the boot is ready – a unique product that only fits you. Now the foam must be allowed to cure for another twelve hours, enabling you to ski more precisely and more comfortably than ever before.


Knitted cap “Strolz”
with sewn-in tile

Insole „Strolz“

Flexlock „Strolz“
stiffens the shaft

Ski boot bag „Strolz“
two storage compartments

Only available from specialist dealers.


Different Training, One Vocation.

Martin Strolz’s son Hannes took over the management of the company in 1990. Hannes fi rst fi nished his training as orthopaedic shoemaker and then studied graphic design in Munich. Because the design of the ski boots should also remain a core expertise within the Strolz family. After Martin Strolz’s retirement from active involvement in the business, Hannes took over the family-owned company as the third generation Strolz. His knowledge of orthopaedics and design was and is his secret to success.

He is convinced that in his father he had the best trainer – from his childhood, Hannes observed the ski boot manufacturing process closely. As his father, Hannes too has to deal with change: when the skiing style changes, the shoes must be tailored accordingly. When carving skis came on the market, the ski boots had to be adapted to the new requirements. The fi rst combination ski and snowboard boot, for example, was developed by Hannes Strolz. But he fully abides by the tradition and philosophy of his father and grandfather: Individualisation of the highest standard – that is what exemplifi es Strolz. Strolz does not have any mass-production expansion plans – the idea is not to make more boots, but to continue developing and manufacturing better boots over time.

The Art of Styling.

The manufacturing of moulds for injection moulding involves very costly investments. Nevertheless, even this stage in the production process is done in-house. Strolz is proud of its own know-how and technology: that is the only way of maintaining extremely high quality demands and the only way that will give Strolz customers the truly best ski boot. Strolz ski boots are worldwide the only ski boots manufactured right in the middle of a ski area – a 100 percent Austrian quality product.

For Everyone his Own.

Despite the use of the most modern technology, the production of Strolz ski boots is still almost 100 percent handcrafted. And as in everything else at Strolz, the production process follows one philosophy: similar to watch-making, almost everything has its origin in the Strolz company. Small components such as buckles, clamps and cables for micro-adjustment are produced by regional partners, who have maintained the same high quality standards as Strolz for generations. And it is irrelevant which part is dealt with: everything is the product of team work. Of teams of people, who have often worked together for years, making the perfect ski boot with traditional, craftsmanlike expertise.

The Second Skin.

The inner shoe or boot liner of Strolz ski boots is completely made of leather. Leather, because it is a natural product, which has the ability to mould itself the best to the respective shape of the foot when the boot is injected with foam. The leather used in Strolz boots is hand-selected and hand-inspected. Only perfectly processed cattle leather is good enough for a Strolz boot liner. Naturally, the boot liners are also stitched by craftsmen.

Excellence Prevails.

The blanks for the boot liners are elaborately stitched together from approximately 70 components, which are pre-punched from the leather. Then the shaft section or upper part thus created is pulled around the wooden last and so receives its three-dimensional shape. In the customised production process, individual customised ski boots are then manufactured from the prefabricated outer shells and boot liner blanks.


The History of a Legend.

The Strolz ski boot history has its origins in Lech almost 90 years ago, in other words shortly after the invention of modern skiing – also here in the Arlberg mountains. In 1921, Ambros Strolz opened his shoemaker’s workshop and started making leather shoes for the skiers, of whom there were not so many in those days. At the time he certainly could not imagine the growth the company would experience and that generations later would still operate by his motto: To hand manufacture ski boots of the best craftsmanship from the best material for individual customers.

From Ski Racer to Entrepreneur.

Ambros’ son Martin did indeed follow in his father’s footsteps as a master orthopaedic shoemaker, but not before doing his own groundwork for his future market and at the same time acting as his own test pilot, product developer, ski star and promoter: he was an extremely successful member of the Austrian national team. In addition to many other top racers, he also outfi tted his own friends Otmar Schneider and Egon  Zimmermann, who both became Olympic champions in Strolz ski boots. At the world championships in Åre in Sweden in 1954, Martin Strolz was crowned runner-up world champion in the downhill discipline – wearing his “own” ski boots, naturally. The international ski elite, with the  Austrian national team at the front of the queue, now rushed to be Martin Strolz customers after the end of his own active ski-racing career. For  more than 25 years, Strolz was the outfi tter and supplier of many international ski teams. Martin Strolz came prepared with everything that  predestined him for the development and production of the highest quality ski boots: his own experience as a world-class skier, craftsmanship, orthopaedic expertise and the drive for perfection. It was logical consequence that Martin Strolz took over the business from his father and began to expand it. However, Strolz ski boots were not only destined for the racing course: Skiers from all over the world placed great value in the precision handmade ski boots from Lech, produced from the best leather one could get.

The Art of Adapting to New Material.

The company prospered over a period of 15 years and then faced a great challenge towards the end of the sixties: the fi rst plastic ski boots were introduced and that brought an end to the era of leather ski boots. Martin Strolz recognised the opportunities and risks of this new technology; he indeed had tremendous experience with the tradition of the trade and craft of leather processing. But mouldmaking and injection moulding of plastics were a different kettle of fi sh. Both the technology and the material were in fact designed for the production of larger quantities and that fl ew into the face of the Strolz philosophy: highly individualised, customised production. But Martin saw the advantages of the new technology and had the foresight to adapt it for his purposes. Of the fi ve renowned manufacturers of leather ski boots in the German-speaking countries, only
Strolz successfully managed the change to plastic ski boots. In 1969, Strolz launched his fi rst own plastic ski boot – the model “Competition” came onto the market. Whereas fi rst experiments with plasticized leather and the exchange of patents with a mass manufacturer served as a quick gaining of the necessary know-how, Martin soon placed his faith in his own virtues and took the production of the plastic boots into his own hands again.

Perfection and Perfect Fit.

The development of the foam-fit system, in other words injecting foam into the space between the outer shell and the boot liner to achieve a perfect fi t, greatly assisted the individualisation or customised production process, also of plastic boots. The system was also used by others, but no other manufacturer succeeded in perfecting this technique in the customised production of the boot liner while simultaneously achieving the greatest possible individualisation of the outer shell. With that the final leap into a new era was successful and Martin Strolz could continue expanding the company.



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